FAQ on Home Building Renovations

Build Renovate Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

I want to get a quote for renovating my house, do I have to pay and if so, how much?

Build Renovate Johannesburg offers a free, no obligation quotation. Wewill come to your property at a time that best suites your schedule and we will provide you with a quote for all the work you would like done.

I need to get a house plan for my house as I would like to get it extended, do you do house plans and applications with the house planning council to get plans approved for extensions?

Yes, we do. We have architects, building inspectors and a direct connection with multiple building and house planning staff members due to the fact that we have worked with them a lot in the past ten years. So, contact us today to get your house plans designed and approved.

When you do renovations to a building, do you source all the required materials and project manage the renovations as well?

Yes, with all our projects we source all the building materials, handle all labour personnel and ensure that the whole project is completed with the highest standard and quality possible. Its part and parcel of all our services.

How long do I have to wait before you start working on my house, is there a waiting list?

It all depends on the magnitude of the project. We suggest that you contact us for detailed information based on your requirements.

Can I view some of the work you have done in the past by visiting the places where you have offered your services?

Yes, we do this with most customers who wish to see our previous work. Our customers are all aware of the need of prospective clients to come and view the areas we have have worked on in their houses. We just have to schedule a meeting with them and we can be on our way.